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Glabellar lines can give the face a tired and aged look. Read the article to find out what they are and how to eliminate them with hyaluronic acid.

These wrinkles are furrows in the skin that form in the area between the eyebrows. Also known as ‘thinker’s wrinkles’, they are a common sign of ageing.

Eliminating or reducing wrinkles between the eyes will not only make the skin appear smoother but also restore a more relaxed and youthful expression to the face.

But how to eliminate them?

This is exactly what we will look at in this article, focusing in particular on hyaluronic acid fillers as an effective, durable and safe solution.

What are glabellar wrinkles?

Glabellar lines derive their name from the area of the face where they develop, the glabella, the region between the eyebrows, just above the nose.

They fall into the ‘expression’ type of facial wrinkles, as their occurrence is caused by repeated movements of the facial muscles, such as frowning.

They appear as vertical lines that become more evident with advancing age.

As expression lines, they are among the first to appear on the face, often as early as the age of 25-30. Their formation is also influenced by genetic factors, sun exposure, stress and bad habits, primarily smoking.

However, wrinkles between the eyes tend to become deeper with age. With the physiological ageing process, in fact, the skin loses its natural share of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

This leads to a loss of hydration and elasticity, which, among other things, impairs the skin’s ability to bounce back after being folded or contracted. Glabellar wrinkles will therefore appear deeper and more noticeable.

Rughe glabellari: quali sono

How to eliminate glabellar wrinkles?

There are several techniques that can be used to reduce or eliminate glabellar wrinkles. The non-surgical ones include botox and dermal fillers, particularly those based on hyaluronic acid (HA).

From a purely mechanical point of view, the difference between the two is that botox relaxes, while fillers fill.

However, it is important to know what they are, how they work and what the risk of possible side effects is.

Botox is a botulinum toxin-based drug that temporarily blocks nerve signals to the facial muscles, reducing their ability to contract. In this way, it prevents the formation of new expression lines and smoothes out existing ones. However, Botox can cause side effects.

Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is a substance naturally present in the body, which gives the skin moisture and turgidity. Precisely for this reason, the risks of contraindications and side effects of HA are very small and closely linked to the quality of the product used and its correct use.

How to use hyaluronic acid to remove wrinkles between the eyes

Once injected into the wrinkles between the eyes, hyaluronic acid not only fills in the lines and restores lost volume, but also improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

As we have already mentioned, for best results, it is essential that the injection is performed by an experienced aesthetic doctor, who will know how to dose the product correctly and place it in the right places.

Hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the glabellar wrinkles using fine needles or micro cannulas. The injection takes place in different layers of the skin to ensure an even filling.
Another essential factor is to choose the best facial fillers, i.e those made from the purest hyaluronic acid. These are, in fact, able to preserve the characteristics of the one naturally present in the body.

The specialist should also choose a product with an adequate degree of viscosity to correct expression lines.

Rughe glabellari: acido ialuronico come miglior rimedio

Where to buy anti expression wrinkle fillers

We have seen what they are and how to eliminate expression lines with hyaluronic acid fillers.
We focused on the importance of using high-quality injections to ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment to eliminate glabellar wrinkles.

In this respect, what makes the difference, besides the quality of the raw material, are the techniques used to produce hyaluronic acid. This is why those using HA injectables should pay attention to choosing a reliable distributor.

Foliage products are developed with advanced technology and safe ingredients. Foliage HA is an undersized monophasic gel that, thanks to the low-temperature production process, has the same characteristics as hyaluronic acid in the body.

The result is a product that is extremely homogeneous, malleable and perfectly integrated with the skin tissue. This means that the risks of side effects – even common redness or temporary inflammation – are very minimal.

At the same time, the purity of Foliage hyaluronic acid allows for extremely natural results that advance our vision: that of cyclically maintaining beauty.

Foliage is the result of 20 years' experience of Phitogen Beauty Labs - a leading group in the production of hyaluronic acid-based injectables. Foliage distributes a complete range of high-performing intradermal products.

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