Foliage Lips Volume:

plump lips without surgery

Foliage lips volume is a monophasic gel that uses sterile and resorbable cross-linked hyaluronic acid, with an excellent degree of malleability, to reshape and plump the lips respecting the original anatomy and volumetric proportions of facial features.

Thanks to its specific viscoelastic characteristics, Foliage filler is ideal for redefining the contours of the lips, both to restore their turgor and hydration, or to achieve an aesthetic change by acting on the increase in volume.

Foliage Lips Volume


7/8 months

Foliage Lips Volume


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Foliage Lips Volume


1 ml

Foliage Lips Volume

Molecular weight

1mln Dalton + 2mln cross-linked Dalton

Foliage Lips Volume

Injection plan


Foliage Lips Volume


25 mg/ml

Foliage Lips Volume


1 single-use pre-filled syringe

Foliage Lips Volume

Cross-linking agent degree

Residual BDDE <0,1ppm

Foliage Lips Volume

Elasticity G’   100 Pa

Viscosity G”   20 Pa

How it acts

Foliage lips volume cross-linked gelwhose effects last about 7-8 months– acts mainly in three directions:

by moisturizing the lips, hyaluronic acid relaxes the labial mucosa, redefining the contours.

the filling action allows to increase the lips volume, which appear turgid and plumped in a natural way (no silicone effect).

injected in the right amount, hyaluronic acid helps to correct the small asymmetries of the lips and improve their shape.

The results obtained with Foliage hyaluronic acid lip filler are evident from the first days and, once typical post-treatment swelling disappears, remain stable for up to 8 months. Lips will look more voluminous, and the contour more defined and harmonious.

For more information on the benefits of Foliage lips volume and other Foliage injectors, contact us or download the brochure in the download area.

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Foliage Lips Volume

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