Foliage Soft:

new light for the face

Foliage Volufil Soft is an innovative one-phase gel based on biodegradable cross-linked hyaluronic acid, designed to give the face a fresh and ‘naturally’ youthful appearance.

Completely painless and non-invasive, the Soft line of hyaluronic acid fillers for the face is ideal for combating small wrinkles, moisturising dry and arid skin marked by the passage of time, and brightening the face and smile.


5/6 months


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid


1.1 ml

Molecular weight

1 million Dalton, 1 million Dalton + 500 thousand Cross-linked Dalton / 10% linear hyaluronic acid, 500 thousand Dalton

Injection plan



25 mg/ml


1 single-use pre-filled syringe

Cross-linking agent degree

Residual BDDE <0,1ppm

Elasticity G’   30 Pa

Viscosity G”   10 Pa

The new concept of beauty

Today, it no longer makes sense to link the idea of beauty to a blatantly artificial and ‘surgical’ increase in volume (of lips or cheekbones).

Volume at all costs, at the expense of natural beauty, is an outdated concept.

Today’s trend in aesthetic medicine is increasingly related to non-invasive retouching. The aim is to make the best of one’s biological age, not to defy the laws of nature and risk looking ridiculous.

In other words, whereas in the past the main focus was on unconditional volume increase (with all the negative implications of the ‘botox abuse syndrome’), latest-generation aesthetic medicine works on tissue renewal and facial structure to give a natural and harmonious appearance.

Foliage Soft facial hyaluronic acid filler:

before and after

By exerting a dual revitalising action – an immediate and slow-release hydration on one hand, and a non-invasive volumetric and restructuring action on the other – facial skin immediately appears healthier and more nourished, maintaining the positive effects in terms of elasticity and hydration for a long time (approx. 5-6 months).

Moreover, thanks to its ability to integrate perfectly into the skin districts and to distribute evenly in the subcutaneous ones, Foliage Soft promotes natural and progressive tissue remodelling by acting on the skin’s turgidity and elasticity, and creating small volumes where they are most needed:

Peri-zygomatic zone

Mandibular area


Crow’s feet



Cleavage area

Discover all the benefits of Foliage Volufil Soft line and contact us for more information on product features.

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