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Products within the Foliage line, made under Patent Beauty Labs Phitogen, are the result of twenty years of experience of Phitogen Beauty Labs – a consolidated reality present in over 70 countries around the world – characterized by a cutting-edge production site, 100% Made in Italy production and a strong orientation to research and development of new technologies and eco-sustainable production methods.

Hyaluronic acid-based Foliage injectors have a unique biophysical profile, thanks to 2CORE technology based on the sequential combination of two production processes, that means that Foliage injectables require fewer cross-linking chemicals (BDDE). The result is an extremely homogeneous product, malleable and perfectly integrated with skin tissues.

2CORE technology:


Conservative Reticulation

The first processing phase of raw materials uses a process based on mixing components at low temperature for long periods. The aim is to limit the amount of chemical agent BDDE and control the degree of cross-linking. Low temperatures also ensure the maintenance of the biological and viscoelastic properties of hyaluronic acid, preventing its depolymerization.


Control and Reduction of the particle size

Through a meticulous sieving of the hyaluronic acid particles, it is possible to obtain microspheres of variable size from 1 to 20 microns, depending on the aesthetic effect desired in the final product. Unlike what happens with uncut monophasic hyaluronic acid, this kind of processing allows selecting the size of the particles and, consequently, to act on hyaluronic acid degradation times without distorting its structure.

Filler Foliage:

long-term benefits

Foliage intradermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid allow to obtain a natural and long-lasting rejuvenation effect, in addition to many other advantages:


By means of specific sieving of the particles of the hyaluronic acid used, a specific range of homogeneous magnitude is obtained, between 1 and 20 microns (depending on the type of product). This particular procedure is essential to ensure the safety of the user, since the minimum diameter of the particles minimizes any possible side effects, including granulomas or facial oedemas, as found in products that have less selected and inhomogeneous particles.


Thanks to the reduction in particle size, due to the sieving procedure, a better intradermal penetration of hyaluronic acid and a stimulation of collagen is obtained, thus favouring, in addition to the volumetric effect, a tissue renewal and remodelling of the treated area.


The conservative reticulation steps helps to control the degree of cross-linking of the acid and therefore to obtain a more natural and soft product, preserving the natural viscoelastic properties of the acid itself. This will involve in addition to a volumetric effect, also a high degree of hydration, making the final product as natural as possible and offering the patient the opportunity to rediscover the best version of himself, the most natural.


Minimizing the amount of chemical agent was a choice made to preserve the natural properties of hyaluronic acid, thus protecting the patient’s safety and excluding any kind of side effect over time.


Thanks to our innovative 2CORE technology, the product has chemical/physical and biological characteristics, which make it safer to administer. With the reduction of particles and the low use of cross-linking agent, any risk of side effects is therefore excluded, allowing the use of Foliage products even to a novice doctor.

The complete range for natural rejuvenation

The range includes 3 lines of state-of-the-art intradermal fillers that allow complete rejuvenation of the face, acting both on the restructuring of epidermal tissues and on volumetric correction.

Products differ from one another in the degree of cross-linking of hyaluronic acid (cross-linking) and in the intended use:

cross-linked hyaluronic acid

cross-linked hyaluronic acid

linear hyaluronic acid

In addition, depending on the cross-linking and the degree of hydration, foliage injectors act at 3 different levels of intensity:

weakly cross-linked gel with high hydration for surface use

cross-linked gel for medium-depth wrinkle correction

cross-linked gel with a high degree of cross linking for the correction of deep wrinkles

All Foliage injectables are characterized by excellent quality standards and innovative production processes, as well as respect for the founding values of our brand: natural beauty and long-lasting results.

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