Foliage Medium:

for medium-sized wrinkles

Foliage Medium is a monophasic viscoelastic filler using ultra-pure cross-linked hyaluronic acid, obtained by a bacterial fermentation process, to fill in and correct facial imperfections.

Foliage Medium hyaluronic acid facial fillers are indicated to correction medium skin sagging and reduce medium-depth wrinkles.

The treatment helps to restore facial volumes by exerting a gentle and non-invasive tissue-supporting action, naturally and harmoniously correcting facial hypovolumetries that occur with advancing age.

Foliage Medium


8/9 months

Foliage Medium


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Foliage Medium


1 ml

Foliage Medium

Molecular weight

2mln Dalton + 1mln cross-linked Dalton

Foliage Medium

Injection plan


Foliage Medium


25 mg/ml

Foliage Medium


1 single-use pre-filled syringe

Foliage Medium

Cross-linking agent degree

Residual BDDE <0,1ppm

Foliage Medium

Elasticity G’   100 Pa

Viscosity G”   20 Pa

Foliage Medium

Why does skin age

As the skin ages, the amount of hyaluronic acid is drastically reduced.

We notice this because the skin gradually loses volume and structure.

The face becomes less elastic and moisturised than it used to be, and the signs of ageing begin to appear: skin tissues sag, wrinkles form, the eye contour becomes duller and wrinkled.

Instead of resorting to cosmetic surgery and invasive treatments, the skin’s natural beauty can be reactivated by restoring the amount of hyaluronic acid lost with age.

Once injected under the skin, Foliage Medium cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler acts like a sponge, restoring subcutaneous volumes to their original levels

A treatment that smooths out medium-depth wrinkles and immediately makes the face healthier and brighter, with results lasting up to 8-9 months, on average.

Facial hyaluronic acid filler:

before and after

All Foliage fillers are resorbable and have very low allergy risks.

Their purpose is to fill and increase the volume of the areas most prone to sagging skin, giving the face a toned, supple and moisturised appearance.

These are not unnatural corrections: Foliage hyaluronic acid fillers act on the skin in a harmonious way, adapting naturally to the movements of the skin tissue.

Preserving the physiognomy and dynamic features of the face, Foliage Medium injectables play a key role in the correction of facial imperfections, and especially when it comes to restoring volume and enhancing:

Foliage MediumThe subzygomatic and anterior zygomatic region

Foliage MediumThe nasogenial region

Foliage MediumBuccal corners

Foliage MediumThe chin guard region

Precisely because it is natural, the Foliage Medium treatment has a limited life span: the hyaluronic acid is gradually reabsorbed by the body.

By carrying out cyclic maintenance treatments, however, it is possible to constantly replenish the skin with its vital molecule – hyaluronic acid – while maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance.

If you want to look the best for your age, sporting a healthy, supple and moisturised face, rely on Foliage Medium face fillers which are completely natural and biocompatible.

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Foliage Medium

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