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Rhinofiller helps correct aesthetic nose imperfections without surgery with immediate and long-lasting results. Find out how in the article.

Nose imperfections are often a source of discomfort and affect the perception of one’s own image and self-confidence.

The shape and proportions of the nose significantly affect the beauty of the face and even small imperfections can have a major impact on the overall harmony of the face.

Traditionally, the correction of nasal defects was tackled through cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty), but today there is a less invasive and equally effective alternative: rhinofiller.

This is a treatment based on the use of fillers that, when injected into the areas to be treated, produce a change in nasal morphology. Quickly, safely and without surgery.

In this article we will find out just how nose fillers work and when and how to use them, in particular we will see:

How long do the effects of rhinofillers last?

Before going into the duration of rhinofiller, let us briefly look at how this technique works.

It is an aesthetic medicine procedure that uses fillers based on substances such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and poly-L-lactic acid. In particular, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, being a substance naturally present in the body, are among the most widely used as they are extremely well tolerated.

Rhinofiller can be used effectively to straighten a nose with a hump, hollows or concave profile. It can also be used for blemishes on the dorsum, tip and nasal pyramid and for the correction of rhinoplasty outcomes.

The treatment is outpatient, but it is essential that it be performed by a doctor specialised in aesthetic medicine.

The difference between before and after rhinofiller is immediately visible and extremely natural and, therefore, without the ‘nose job’ effect.

What one needs to know is that, as HA is a resorbable filler, the effect is temporary. There are several variables that come into play:

  • Individual metabolism;
  • Patient’s lifestyle;
  • Quality of the injectant used;
  • Experience of the physician performing the treatment.

The duration of treatment can vary indicatively from 6 to 12 months. This may vary depending on the variables mentioned above.

Rinofiller naso: quanto dura l'effetto?

When not to have rhinofiller?

The risks of contraindications and side effects of hyaluronic acid are really minimal. Should a slight swelling occur, it will in any case tend to disappear within a few days.

This is provided that the HA used is of excellent quality and the patient follows the doctor’s instructions.

However, although extremely limited, there are cases in which rhinofillers are not recommended. For this reason, before undergoing treatment, it is necessary to inform the specialist of everything concerning one’s state of health and whether one is taking any medication.

Situations in which it is preferable to avoid rhinofillers in the nose are as follows:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • Active infection or inflammation in the treated area;
  • Allergies or known hypersensitivities to the ingredients in the fillers;
  • Herpes, viral or bacterial dermatitis and other skin diseases;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • History of tissue hypertrophy or hypertrophic scarring in the treated area;
  • Bleeding disorders or taking anticoagulant drugs;
  • Chronic angina and endocarditis.

In addition, laser or pulsed light treatments should not be carried out in the 15 days preceding rhinofiller. These treatments, in fact, sensitise the skin, making it particularly susceptible to inflammatory responses.

Rinofiller naso: quando non farlo?

How to use Foliage rhinofiller?

Through innovative and 100% eco-friendly production processes and top-quality raw materials, at Foliage by Phitogen we have developed a line of specific injectables.

In particular, Foliage Intense is a high-viscosity volumising filler specifically designed to restore and reshape medium to large volumes. It is therefore the treatment of excellence for anyone wishing to correct certain imperfections, including the shape of the nose, without resorting to surgery.

Its special consistency allows precise modelling and even distribution of the product. Rhinofiller before and after results are natural and long-lasting.

Before proceeding with rhinofiller, the aesthetic doctor will carefully assess the shape and characteristics of the patient’s nose.

The Foliage rhinofiller, which is malleable and easy to use, is injected with fine-tipped needles, following a customised treatment plan to achieve the best aesthetic results.

Rinofiller Foliage: come utilizzarlo

Where to find a distributor of aesthetic medicine products

We have said it many times but it is worth repeating: the results, as well as the safety of rhinofiller, are closely linked to the quality of the hyaluronic acid used.

Therefore, it is crucial for those using HA injectables to find a reliable distributor who can guarantee a product with excellent raw materials and that is manufactured through processes that meet quality and environmental standards.

HA Foliage is an undersized monophasic gel that, thanks to the low-temperature production process employed, preserves the characteristics of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the body.

It is therefore an extremely pure hyaluronic acid free of protein residues, nucleic acids and solvents.

The innovative 2CORE technology, which is at the patenting stage, also enables us to offer a complete and versatile range of fillers. The products are differentiated according to degree of viscosity, particle size and the areas to be treated.

Given the increasing focus on aesthetics and on a concept of natural, non-artificial beauty, hyaluronic acid fillers are one of the most popular products today. It is, therefore, a rapidly expanding market.

However, this requires distributors to pay ever greater attention to the quality of the product on offer. Because a very important and delicate issue comes into play: that of the patient’s health.

Becoming a Foliage by Phitogen distributor offers the guarantee of offering the market an absolutely high-performance product with zero risk of side effects.

Foliage is the result of 20 years' experience of Phitogen Beauty Labs - a leading group in the production of hyaluronic acid-based injectables. Foliage distributes a complete range of high-performing intradermal products.

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