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Read the article to find out how under eye fillers work, what the benefits are and where to find the best products available on the market.

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”, “speaking with the eyes”, these are just some of the expressions that highlight the importance of the gaze. It is, in fact, the part of the face with the greatest communicative and seductive power.

It is not surprising that among the most popular aesthetic treatments are those involving the eye area. In particular, under eyes fillers are gaining more and more popularity.

These treatments are particularly popular for their ability to visibly reduce dark circles under the eyes, restore lost volume and minimise lines and wrinkles. Thus, dark circle fillers reinvigorate the entire look, giving a fresher, more rested appearance.

But which are the best under eye fillers and what are their benefits? We will find it out in this article.

What are the benefits of under eye fillers?

When it comes to under eyes fillers, there are several substances that can be used as injectables.

Among these, one of the most widely used is hyaluronic acid (HA). The characteristics and benefits of HA derive from the very nature of this substance. It is, in fact, naturally present in the body for the purpose of moisturising and supporting tissues.

Precisely for this reason, under eyes fillers using HA (provided they are of quality) are, as a rule, absolutely safe and well-tolerated.

HA also stimulates the production of natural collagen, helping to improve the elasticity and structure of the skin over time.

Here is an overview of the main benefits:

  1. Reduction of dark circles: dark circle fillers help minimise the appearance of dark circles by improving skin tone and texture.
  2. Volume recovery: they restore lost volume in the subcutaneous areas, giving a fuller, more youthful appearance.
  3. Reduction of bags: eye bag fillers eliminate bags that weigh down the eyes.
  4. Intensive hydration thanks to HA’s ability to retain water.
  5. Immediate but natural results: the eye contour will look fresh and rejuvenated, but not ‘redone’.

To this must be added the duration of the results, which range from 6 to 12 months, and the fact that it is a non-invasive and safe procedure.

How do injections get rid of dark circles under eyes?

Hollow circles under the eyes are an extremely common blemish in both men and women. The effect is that of a tired, aged look.

Filler injections are mainly aimed at filling depressions under the eyes that can create shading, which is responsible for the appearance of dark circles.

Dark circle fillers are used to fill in the lower orbital frame with hyaluronic acid. This restores lost volume and improves the reflection of light on the skin, resulting in a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Besides providing an immediate filling effect, under eye fillers also improve microcirculation and strengthen the subcutaneous collagen network. In doing so, they reduce pigmentation and the visibility of dark circles under the eyes over time.

The best under eyes fillers and their benefits

The eye contour area is particularly thin, sensitive and delicate. Therefore, in this case more than ever, it is essential that the treatment is performed exclusively by highly qualified doctors specialised in aesthetic medicine.

What is the best age to get under eye fillers?

Advancing age is the main cause of deep wrinkles and lines around the eyes.

However, the imperfections affecting this area of the face are diverse and, although worsening with age, can affect individuals of all ages.

We are talking about sunken eyes, swelling, dark circles and expression lines. In addition to the physiological ageing process, these imperfections are also linked to other factors such as genetic predisposition, extremely thin and delicate skin under the eyes, and stress.

Thus, the ideal age to start using under eye fillers can vary from individual to individual, depending largely on skin condition and specific signs of ageing.

For example, between 25 and 30, eye bag fillers and dark circle fillers will most likely be the only need.

Which is the best filler under eyes?

We have seen how and why hyaluronic acid is generally considered the best under eyes fillers in terms of results, durability and safety.

It is, however, crucial to know that saying ‘hyaluronic acid’ is not enough. What makes the difference is the quality of the injectant used. Quality that starts with the raw material and the production techniques used.

Furthermore, there are different formulations that differ according to the degree of viscosity, the size of the particles and the areas to be treated. Knowing these differences and being able to recognise a quality hyaluronic acid is essential not only for patients and aesthetic doctors, but also for HA distributors.

Foliage under eyes fillers by Phitogen are based on the purest uncut monophasic hyaluronic acid, free of protein residues, nucleic acids and solvents and 100% Made in Italy.

All features that protect the consumer – and consequently the distributors – from any risk of side effects and guarantee long-lasting, natural results.

The superior efficacy of our product is also proven by comparative clinical studies.

Foliage is the result of 20 years' experience of Phitogen Beauty Labs - a leading group in the production of hyaluronic acid-based injectables. Foliage distributes a complete range of high-performing intradermal products.

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